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White Knuckle Leadership™

People are more afraid and anxious than any time in recent history. The current economic crisis has eroded our basic sense of security and stability. It is in this type of environment that leadership can have a profound impact-either positive or negative. Many leaders go MIA, don’t know what to do, or do exactly the wrong thing because they have never had the experience of living through a crisis.

Adding to the stress of leading during a crisis is the fact that the role of senior management has never been under more scrutiny. High profile leadership blunders, increased legal, regulatory, political and employee challenges, and negative public sentiment all shine a bright spotlight on leadership behavior.

White Knuckle Leadership™ is an intensive hands-on program designed to give leaders essential tools for navigating this turbulent environment.

Developed by Dr. Arlen Burger, White Knuckle Leadership™ focuses on decisive steps that leaders can take to manage how they and their organization respond to crisis. Topics covered include:

  • Lessons from the collapse: What we all need to know

  • The 5 S’s of crisis management and how to deploy them in your organization

  • Passing the leadership under-fire test: Avoiding the top 10 mistakes that leaders make

  • The ingredients of a successful crisis strategy and how to put them into action

  • Measuring your impact on your team

  • Assessing what is really going on in your organization

White Knuckle Leadership™ is available as a 1:1 coaching program, a half-day group program, or a keynote presentation.

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