The CEO Program

Today’s fast-paced business environment places extraordinary demands on CEO’s. Not only must they run the business, they must be the visionary, organization builder, taskmaster, sales person, and teacher. In this high-pressure environment, there is little room for mistakes. The consequences of failure can be large, in financial, cultural, and business terms. Additionally, because of the unique nature of their position, CEO’s can be quite isolated, without the feedback and support networks other executives enjoy.

Leadership Coaching Inc. has been coaching executives for over 15 years. We act as sounding boards, teaching complex leadership skills, helping assess the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, and mapping out change strategies and initiatives. We act as partners with the CEO to help them address whatever issues arise in their organizations.

We have coached CEO’s on a broad range of issues ranging from those that are more personal in nature to ones focused more on the organization. Examples of coaching topics include:

  • Defining the Company’s Culture

  • Building the Organization

  • Interfacing with your Board of Directors

  • Controlling Politics

  • Identifying and Cultivating your Successor

  • Crafting Vision and Strategy

  • Getting the Best out of your Executive Team

  • Driving the Performance of your Organization

  • Building External Visibility

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