Selecting Top Performers

Hiring in a tough market is a challenge. Hiring the “right” person is even harder. Everyone agrees that the cost of a bad hire is significant in terms of lost productivity, poor morale, business mistakes. Increase your chances of making good employment choices by retaining Leadership Coaching, Inc. to assist in your hiring process.

Utilizing over 10 years of testing and interviewing experience, we have developed a methodology for improving the hiring process. Called Selecting Top Performers (STP), prospective employees are screened for core competencies and job relevant personal characteristics.

While we can customize our services to fit your needs, we typically combine testing, interviewing, and reference checking to evaluate your candidate pool. Rather than just giving you data, we rank candidates and give you recommendations. Typically, we screen for:

  • Talent and skills

  • Relevant experience

  • Adaptability and Agility

  • Capacity to learn and apply learning

  • Personality and style

  • Emotional Intelligence

Additionally, we can help you to identify core position competencies and evaluate your company’s culture to identify important “fit” characteristics.

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