Organizational Development

Whether your organization is experiencing growing pains or needs to change to be more competitive and adaptable, Leadership Coaching can help. Since 1990, we have worked with organizations ranging in size from start ups to Fortune 100 companies. Areas of focus have included:

Organizational Design and Transformation

As companies have looked at ways to retain their competitive edge, Leadership Coaching has helped organizational design teams to evaluate and select organizational structures that both capitalize on company strengths and address changes in the marketplace.

We have helped develop transformation and transition processes for companies to ease the trauma and disruption that often accompanies large scale change efforts.


As members of due diligence teams, we have helped companies to assess potential acquisitions. We are often involved in evaluating the talent pool, work processes, and cultural compatibility.

Once the decision to acquire is made, we have helped companies to plan and facilitate the integration process.


Many companies have used us to facilitate important group activities. Leadership Coaching is available to help facilitate team meetings, problem solving sessions, planning activities, and strategic planning sessions.

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