Leadership Assimilation


Bringing a new executive on board involves many challenges, both for the executive and the organization. The leader must get up to speed quickly, form important relationships, understand the cultural nuances of the organization he/she has just joined, and make substantial contributions in record time.

In today’s fast-paced business environment there is no room for mistakes and too often the new leader transitions into the business in a way that limits his/her future effectiveness. The consequences of failure can be large, in financial, cultural, and business terms.

Leadership Coaching Inc. has been helping executives assimilate into new organizations for over 10 years. Our experience covers helping both executives new to an organization, as well as internally transitioning executives, successfully assimilate into new organizations.

Program Description

Our Fast-Track program is designed to help transition mid to senior level executives into a new organization in the most effective, efficient, and quickest manner possible. The Fast-Track program has two key features.

First, we perform a cultural audit that identifies key success factors unique to the organization. We have found that this comprehensive understanding of a company’s culture is essentially to successful assimilation.

Second, we create a 90-day plan with the executive either prior to their coming aboard or during their 1st week on the job. This 90-day plan serves as our coaching framework and outlines effective assimilation strategies and tactics based on the cultural audit.

After developing the plan we meet with the executive regularly in their work environment to coach them through the execution of the plan. We also help them respond to new emerging issues and adapt the plan to reflect changes in the company environment. Our support generally extends beyond the plan duration.

Program Elements

While each program is customized, some of the Fast-Track elements can include:

  • Understanding the formal and informal organization

  • Uncovering landmines and potential trouble spots

  • Identifying key stakeholders

  • Adapting your leadership style

  • Engaging your team

  • Setting expectations

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