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One of the secrets to business success is distributed leadership. The more people who are operating as leaders in your company, the more successful you will be. Leaders create results that matter and inspire others.

There is a large population of individuals who have a significant impact on the company but generally don’t get the leadership development they need because of cost and budget limitations.

Recognizing this gap, Leadership Coaching created the Emerging Leader Program-a cost-effective way to develop leadership behaviors throughout the organization.

Program Description

Our philosophy at Leadership Coaching is that leadership is part of everyone’s job description-not just senior management. The main objective of the Emerging Leader Program is to cultivate leadership across every level and function of the organization.

The Emerging Leader Program is a small group (4-8 people) program that accelerates leadership development through teaching, observation, and interaction with other participants. The focus is on building foundational leadership skills that are relevant to your organization.

Meeting monthly for a two hour session, the program spans one year. An accelerated 6 month program is also available. As a first step in the program, participants complete the Emerging Leader Survey which evaluates the learning needs of the group. Each month participants choose and focus on a different leadership competency.

Sample topic areas include:

    • Establishing credibility

    • Identifying the critical path

    • Generating results that have impact

    • Cultivating a leadership perspective

    • Leading change

    • Building teamwork

    • Inspiring others

Between monthly meetings, participants receive periodic email updates and suggestions to maintain their focus and reinforce learning. The group also selects and completes a group project related to a real leadership challenge at their company.

Goals of the ELP


Provide an environment where key potential leaders throughout the company can discuss relevant leadership challenges and be exposed to mission critical leadership concepts, techniques, and practices (i.e., building urgency, focusing on the critical path, being accountable). By holding the meetings monthly, we keep the expectations of leadership in their awareness as they go about their work. Rather than force a one size fits all approach, we want each leader to build their own leadership model that resonates with company goals and objectives. Having a model that is personal is one of the keys to being credible as a leader.


We want leaders to act and put what they have learned to use. Internalizing the “Leadership Everywhere” concept means seeing leadership as something you strive to do in everything you do rather than something you do only when you have time. It is a fundamental approach to how you go about your work and life.


We want leaders to encourage leadership in others. By acting as effective models and transferring key leadership practices to others, we build the leadership bench strength within the company.

Program Leader

Dr. Arlen Burger is a skilled leadership coach with a client list that includes technology, bio–medical, services, and software companies ranging in size from small privately held firms to large Fortune 100 firms. He has been coaching leaders for over 20 years and has developed a keen sense of what makes successful leaders. 

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