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In rapid growth environments leaders must continually grow their skills while meeting their goals and objectives. This kind of situation puts a great deal of pressure on the leader and the company’s training and development support structure. Additionally, higher-level skill sets such as influencing, driving change, building organizations, and strategy development require significant investments in time and resources that are rarely, if ever, available inside the company.

It is in this kind of environment that the Emerging Leader Program (ELP) from Leadership Coaching produces the greatest benefits. Utilizing the latest research on management development, and expertise gained from over 20 years in the coaching field, the Emerging Leader System represents a significant advancement in the field of Executive Development. This intensive one-on-one system incorporates state of the art tools and techniques to accelerate a leader’s development.

Program Description

ELP is a proposal-driven, customized coaching program for the mid to senior level leader. Utilizing a philosophy of linking objectives, the system focuses on helping the leader acquire or enhance skills that improve their impact and contribute to the company’s success.

Rather than a "one size fits all" program, ELP is based on a customized Development Roadmap that outlines the tactics and strategy that will be used to address the unique needs of the leader. This roadmap is developed through a set of 360 degree interviews and is refined in the early stages of the program.

Over the course of the ELP, managers will engage in five types of activity.

  • Pre-work involves gathering background and work context information

  • Clarification includes revising developmental objectives, identifying relevant components, setting perfomance targets, and defining success indicators

  • Baselining involves assessing the leader's current performance across a wide domain of leadership competencies

  • Targeting change involves putting all of the feedback and coaching into practice

  • Refinement involves constant updating and forward planning.

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