Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Program

While not all conflict is bad, too much within the leadership ranks of an organization can be devastating. Whether it is between boss and subordinate, peer to peer, or between groups, conflict needs to be managed, contained, and resolved.

Conflict can be generated many different ways. Differences in style and communication, competing functional priorities, role overlap or ambiguity can all contribute to the formation and escalation of conflict.

We have found that conflict typically moves through four stages of increasing intensity. Without appropriate intervention, conflict can progress to the point where significant damage is done. Stage 1 conflicts are relatively mild, situational, and brief in duration. Stage 2 conflicts are moderate in strength and become personal in nature. In Stage 3 conflicts there is a loss of containment, others become enlisted in the conflict, and there is typically an open display of anger and resentment. Stage 4 conflicts look like open warfare. Both participants have lost the ability to think rationally and objectively about the conflict.

Program Description

The Executive Conflict Resolution Program is a blended format program focused on helping executives to find more effective ways of managing and resolving conflict. Typically focused on two executives, our goal is to intervene in the conflict before it is too late.

Leadership Coaching works with the involved parties in a combination of small group and one-on-one formats to teach needed skills, negotiate more effective agreements, and build personal accountability.

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