Back on Track

Back on Track: An Executive Rejuvenation Program

There comes a time in many executives’ career when their performance suffers. This could be due to personal circumstances, transitioning into a new culture, a change in role, job scope or business conditions, reporting into a new management structure, or job burnout.

The executive generally has enjoyed a career history of excelling in previous jobs and challenges. As a result, the drop-off in performance is confusing to the executive as well as many of their associates, and their attempts to turn the situation around may actually make things worse.

The executive is often regarded as a valued leader because of past contributions or the company’s investment in their development. While it is clear that the executive needs some form of assistance to get back on track, the company may be unsure of how to get help or provide support. What is needed is a fast-paced set of interventions designed to help the executive adjust and respond more effectively to situations they face. Time is of the essence.

The Back on Track program from Leadership Coaching is designed to help an executive improve his/her performance with a sense of urgency and focus.

Program Description

The Back on Track program is a short-term, turnaround oriented coaching program. We have crafted the program based on a comprehensive understanding of the reasons why executives get off track and the knowledge of how to help them return to the path of success. We help the executive to quickly get to the heart of the matter, build an understanding of their actions that contribute to problem situations, and help them develop a turnaround strategy.

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